Industrial “workhorses” are the core of our furniture collection.  Vintage finds are coveted – medical cabinets, foundry tables, café chairs, utility shelving, drafting tables, factory carts, laboratory stools – all were built to last!  We also enlist the talents of local craftsmen to create modern-day interpretations of classic designs as well as “marriages” of old and new components.


Refurbished vintage industrial lamps play well with our own handcrafted lighting. We’re known for making lights out of unexpected objects such as commercial bakery whisks, turkey feeders, porcelain insulators, brass stencils, a chimney sweeping tool and even a Victorian child’s bustle! We also support fellow talented artisans who create one-of-a-kind lighting from found objects.


Our eyes are always peeled for uncommon objects that both intrigue and inspire, many of which are given a new life, often in a fresh unexpected way.  Whether vintage, handmade or authentic reproduction, unique pieces are chosen to create an ever-changing assemblage, exclusive to Jennifer Price Studio.

Vintage Photos

Jim Price (1930-2004) left a treasure trove of his vintage black and white images behind.  We have access to thousands of original negatives and are lovingly bringing them back to life and reprinting them, available exclusively through Jennifer Price Studio.  Jennifer’s own photographic art also makes an occasional appearance.

Wall Art

Old sign letters, vintage charts, supper club banners, oversized clocks, antique mirrors, chalkboards, foundry molds and even a 1940’s military kite can serve as unique wall décor.